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C.S. Lewis & Mere Christianity – Paul McCusker

C.S. Lewis & Mere Christianity is published by Tyndale House Publishers.

C.S. Lewis & Mere Christianity is published by Tyndale House Publishers.

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Summary: C. S. Lewis & Mere Christianity: The Crisis That Created A Classic is a look at the historical events of C. S. Lewis’s life and how they impacted his writing. The book also has tidbits of  information about the important people of the time period and the important people directly connected to C. S. Lewis. If you’ve ever wondered why C. S. Lewis wrote the way he did, or if you love all things C. S. Lewis, this will become an important book for your personal library.

Review: I love history and I love C. S. Lewis. That said, this is the perfect book for a nerdy book-lover like me! Paul McCusker did a great job bringing Lewis’s time period to life. This wasn’t just a book about C. S. Lewis, it was about the events that were happening during his life. After reading the book I have a better understanding of what C. S. Lewis lived through which in turn helps me understand a little better why he wrote Mere Christianity (which is one of my absolute favorite Lewis writings). I love the fact the Paul McCusker included pictures, not only of Lewis but of WWII. The book itself was well-researched and is easy to read. Sometimes history/biography can be a little bland and boring, but the author did a great job keeping this not overly heavy. The chapters are fairly short which helps keep you reading. None of this, “Great, I’m only halfway through this chapter and I’ve already read 50 pages.” (if you know what I mean).

There was really only one place that I felt confused when I was reading, and that may have been because I missed something earlier. In Chapter 5 the author mentions Minto and I can’t seem to figure out who that was. That doesn’t take away from the greatness of the book though. C. S. Lewis & Mere Christianity will definitely find a home on our bookshelves and will make a great homeschool resource!

Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own, no other  compensation was received.


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Little Book of Great Dates – Dr. Greg & Erin Smalley

A Focus on the Family book, published by Tyndale

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Summary: Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you stop pursuing your spouse! That’s the general idea behind the Little Book of Great Dates. Dr. Greg Smalley and his wife Erin have come up with 52 dates, one for each week of the year, to help married couples reconnect. Each date has a short explanation of the importance of the date’s theme, as well as an activity idea for the date itself and a conversation starter section. Small enough to fit in a purse, the Little Book of Great Dates is a great way for couples to start getting back into the habit of dating each other.

Review: First off, I love the cover. It’s blue and it looks kind of like a journal. I also love that it’s small enough to fit in the glove compartment of the car or in my purse. Admittedly, my husband and I still try and get dates in every now and then. It is nice to have this little book though because it’s got a lot of really good ideas in it (which is great for me since I’m not very good at coming up with date ideas).

Having grown up with the boy who became my husband, I already know several of the answers that go with the conversation starters, but not everyone does! I love that the authors give you some questions to help you dig deeper and get to know each other better. I think one of my favorites is the one where you’re supposed to go and do something that the other one really loves to do and then switch the next time. It really gives your spouse an idea of why you like doing what you do, or they might see a side of you they don’t get to see because you’ve never done it together before. I know it sounds weird, but it really does bring you closer together!

If you have a hard time coming up with dates, or you want to start dating your spouse, or even if you do date but want something deeper, I’d suggest that you pick up this little book and try it out! Make it a habit. Date your spouse and see what happens.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Tyndale in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. No other compensation was received.

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