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$10 Great Dates – Larson & Arp

$10 Great Dates is published by Bethany House.

$10 Great Dates is published by Bethany House.

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Summary: From the writers of 10 Great Dates comes the book $10 Great Dates. It’s all well and good to do date night, but what if you have limited funds? The Larsons and Arps show you that you CAN have fun dates for $10 or less!

Review: There are 52 great dates included in $10 Great Dates. That’s easily one for every week of the year! The dates are divided by sections: Adventure Dates, Out-on-the-Town Dates, At Home Dates, Great Outdoors Dates, Marriage Pick-Me-Up Dates, Romantic Dates, Seasonal Special Dates, and Unique and Unusual Dates. They even include a section with inexpensive childcare options, just in case finding childcare is one reason that you don’t want to have date night.

Every date is broke down into basic parts. There’s the overview of the date, some preparation suggestions, ideas for things to do during your date, some conversation starters, and what your big objective is. One of the dates suggested is a date where you are “out of towners” and you go downtown together and be “tourists”. Another type of date is one where you go out just to get dessert. Or, you can stay in and have a game night at home (this is one of our personal favorites!), go out and go hiking (also a favorite!), do volunteer work together, make an at-home spa, check out the local farmer’s market, and even estate sale-ing.

This is perfect if you’re struggling to do date night with your spouse at all or if you want to make a habit of it but don’t have many ideas. The nice thing is, you don’t have to follow everything to a tee, these are just suggestions that you can take and run with them. Highly recommended for coupes who don’t regularly get a date night, those who’ve been struggling and want to reconnect, or for couples who are in a “date night rut”. Dates don’t have to be big and fancy! Get out there and treat your spouse to a fun night out (or in, depending on your $10 date choice).

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own, no other compensation was received.


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