About Me

I am a wife to my amazing husband and a SAHM to our three crazy kids. We currently live in Montana and love it here! When I’m not reading or herding small children I love to work on my photography. I also do a bit of singing.

Books have always been a huge part of my life. I mean really, I’m named after a book character! I’ve always loved to read and will do nothing but read if given the chance. With small kids, that’s a rare occasion but I can dream right? Kidding… Sort of…

Favorite Book: That’s really a tough question. Obviously the Bible is the most important book in my life. Besides that it really depends on my mood. I love Little Women and The Oath. Followed closely by Narnia and LotR.

Favorite genre: Suspense/Thriller, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, historical anything

Favorite author: Frank Peretti or Ted Dekker

Currently reading: Brisingr by Christopher Paolini

E-book or physical book: I much prefer physical books over e-books. E-books are easier for travel but then you have to worry about keeping your device charged, dry, etc. There’s nothing quite like having an actual book in your hands.