Blessed Child – Ted Dekker & Bill Bright

Blessed Child, by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright, is published by Thomas Nelson

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Summary: What could a boy named Caleb and a presidential candidate have in common? More than anyone could imagine. Definitely more than Jason Marker and Leiah expected when they saved the boy from an Ethiopian monastery. They also didn’t expect the boy to have the supernatural power to heal people. As the world tries to figure out where Caleb’s power comes from, Jason and Leiah try to figure out why someone is trying to kill him.

Review: I love books by Ted Dekker but I’ve never had a favorite, until now. Blessed Child was amazing! I know it’s an older Dekker novel but I hadn’t had a chance to read it until recently. WOW! I cried, I got goosebumps, I even felt convicted at a couple of points in the story. In church we’re doing a sermon series on the power of the Holy Spirit and Blessed Child is about just that. I have to admit, at first I was a little “I don’t know, this seems a little too charismatic…”, but after reading the exchange between Dr. Thompson and Jason (and company) my thinking changed. Not that I didn’t believe in God healing others through His followers, but that maybe it doesn’t happen as often here in the U.S. because we don’t tend to be as close to God. We’re so wrapped up in all the stuff that we forget about the God who blessed us with the ability to get the stuff, or whatever. And the quote on the back of the book is probably my favorite, “Whoever said a straightened hand was more dramatic than a healed heart anyway?”

Anyway, I really did like this book and I’m looking forward to reading the next one. If you like Ted Dekker, it’s kind of like the “Circle” series and Thr3e all mixed into one. A great Christian message combined with enough suspense to make it a page-turner. Definitely one that I’ll be reading again! I also thought the front cover was well done and rather intriguing. It makes you wonder what the story is about before you read the back. (Though my first thought upon seeing the cover was “Ooooh, Ted Dekker!”)

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. All thoughts are my own.



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