KJV Homeschool Mom’s Bible

Devotions by Janet Tatman, author of Daily Focus from Alpha Omega Publications and 25 year homeschool mom.

Summary: Homeschool moms need encouragement and that’s what the KJV Homeschool Mom’s Bible strives to provide. 365 daily devotional readings will encourage homeschool moms on their journey and remind them that their walk with God is just as important as their child’s education. Also included is a topical index which can be used to direct mom’s to specific areas of devotional interest.

Review:  Raise your hand if you’re a homeschool mom. *raises hand*
Raise your hand if you could use daily encouragement. *raises hand*

If you’re like me, you’re a slightly crazy homeschool mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love homeschooling my children! But there are days where I just need a veteran mom to come along side me and remind me that what I’m doing is important. Or that who I am is important. Or that my children won’t be these ages forever.

The KJV Homeschool Mom’s Bible with daily devotions is the next best thing. Janet Tatman is a veteran homeschool mom and she’s written the devotions included in this Bible specifically for homeschool moms. She’s no stranger to knowing what kind of encouragement we need! I’ve been reading the devotions daily for about two weeks and even in that short period of time I’ve come away a bit renewed and refreshed in my homeschool journey.

What I like about this Bible:

  • the focus on homeschool moms
  • short daily devotions (because goodness knows that’s all a homeschool mom has time for!)
  • the daily prayer at the end of the devotion
  • the topical index so I can find encouragement where I need it

What I don’t like about this Bible:

  • there’s no specific Bible passage that goes with each devotion

Overall I really like the Homeschool Mom’s Bible and will continue reading the devotions as part of my Bible time every day. I would highly suggest that if you’re a homeschool mom in need of encouragement, check this Bible out! If you’re not a KJV fan, there’s also an NIV version available. Same daily devotions, just different Bible version.


Disclaimer: I received this Bible for free from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. All thoughts are my own.


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