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Summary: Available in September 2013, My Princess Devotions (Preschool Edition) is a new addition to “The One Year” family of books. The daily devotions are designed to help little girls learn that they are in fact little princesses because they are daughters of God, who is the Almighty King. Each devotion has a princess-y title, a verse that corresponds to the title, a brief explanation, a prayer, and a way for young girls to apply what they’ve learned to real life. A fun and relevant way for little girls to learn about God!

Review: It’s taken me a while to get the review written for this devotional because I had a hard time getting it out of the hands of our 4-yr old daughter. If that doesn’t tell you how great this book is, I don’t know what will! As I was browsing through the available titles on the Tyndale Blog Network, she came up behind me and said in an excited voice, “Oh mommy! I want that one!”. How could I not get it? One, she’s all about princess and cutesy and pink. Two, it’s a devotional and we include daily devotions in our school time. The package eventually came in the mail and as soon as I opened it, in the car, she reached out for it and hasn’t let go since except to eat and sleep. She loves to remind me that we need to read her “princess ‘votions”.

Now, on to the “technical” stuff. There are 365 devotions, one for each day of the year (unless it’s a leap year), and each one has four little sections. There’s the “Royal Words” (Scripture verse), “Princess Thoughts” (brief explanation), “A Prayer for the King” (daily prayer), and “Princess in Action” (Life application). Sometimes the verses make you go “Um, what?” but then the explanation and application sections make it clear. Example: On March 10th the verse is 1 Samuel 2:19 and it talks about Hannah bringing Samuel a little robe each year. At first it’s like, “Ok, sure?”, but then you read to find out that it’s a verse being used to help little girls see how important moms are.

The only thing I really “take issue” with is that until a little girl (or boy, for that matter) asks Jesus to be their Savior, they technically aren’t a prince(ss). But I understand why kid’s devotions are written the way they are so it’s ok. It’s my “job” as a parent to do the guiding towards the Savior.

Personally, I think Karen Whiting did a great job with this devotion book! I know our daughter gives it 10 fingers up, if she’d let go of it, LOL!


Disclaimer: I received this book for free through the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. No other compensation was received.


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  1. Thanks so much (I’m Karen Whiting) and loved hearing that your daughter loves the book–wish I could hug her, but the words will have to do that.

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