Product Review: Old Navy White Jeans

I was FINALLY chosen for a product sample from Old Navy over on Crowdtap. I don’t know how many times I’ve put in for one and not gotten one so I was super excited to be picked. My first thought was, “Ew, white jeans?” but I figured what the hay, they’re free pants! So after church one Sunday I went to Old Navy with my free jeans coupon in hand to find a pair of pants.

My daughter and I walked in and there was a whole row of white jeans down the main walkway. I passed up the “Super Skinny” jeans and went to the “Boot-cut” that I love so much. But, I had to choose from the five different cuts Old Navy jeans have: Rockstar, Diva, Flirt, Sweetheart, and Dreamer. Flirt, Sweetheart, and Dreamer were automatically out because I didn’t think the cuts really worked for me. I already own a pair of Diva cut blue jeans so I picked a pair of those to try in white. I also liked the look of the Rockstar so I grabbed one of those to try on. Ultimately I went with Rockstar because I liked how it looked on me.

What I like about my white jeans: the fabric is soft, the cut is comfortable, it’s a nice change from the blue jeans I wear all the time.

What I don’t like about white jeans: the fabric isn’t very thick so you have to be careful what you wear underneath, I’m a mom so white jeans are pretty much out unless it’s date night, I had to get a size bigger than I normally wear (admittedly, I doubt that’s due to the color of the fabric but who knows).

Also, I’m short (5’1.5″) so the regular jeans “with added length to wear with heels” is way long on me! I need petite pants, which I may have just missed in the store. I really think the only way I’ll ever wear white jeans is with a smock type shirt that goes to mid-thigh, just to be sure there’s no accidental “I can see you’re wearing {insert color here}”. But, like I said, it’s a nice change!

I’ll add a picture to the post as soon as I get one. I have to find the shirt/dress I had in mind, it’s hiding from me. But as soon as I find it, there will be a picture!



Disclaimer: I was given a coupon for a free pair of Old Navy white jeans by the Old Navy Style Council on Crowdtap. No other compensation was received. A review was not required but I chose to write one.


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