Actual Size Science – Sunflower Education

Product Title: Actual Size Science

Publisher: Sunflower Education

Key Features (as given by 

  • PEDAGOGY – Teacher-created lessons are pedagogically sound and appeal to all learning styles.
  • AUTHENTICITY – Blueprints are painstakingly researched and exquisitely accurate.
  • SELECTION – Topics are both core knowledge and high-interest.
  • VERSATILITY – Endless possibilities for curriculum integration.
  • RETENTION – Student recall is much higher with hands-on activities.
  • CUTENESS! – Students sit in an actual-size outline of a prairie schooner and talk about what they can fit for their trip West. Kids run the actual length of the Wright Brothers’ flights, arms outstretched. And what could be more fun than looking a life-sized Apatosaurus in the eye, strolling the actual-size deck of the Mayflower, or playing president inside a full-sized Oval Office?

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Actual Size Science is geared towards children between PreK and 6th grade. There are 36 lessons plans that can be used as a supplement to the science curriculum currently in use. With each lesson plan there is a blueprint to make either a life-sized drawing or a scale drawing of the lesson topic. Actual Size Science is divided into three parts: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology. Using Actual Size Science your students will learn just how big a blue whale is, see how tall Mount Everest is (scale drawing of course), and learn what the biggest truck is (among other things)! Actual Size Science is meant to help science concepts stick!

I love the concept behind Actual Size Science. Not all kids can learn from just reading a book, some are visual learners. With Actual Size Science, children are getting a better idea for just how big things really are. I know when I was a kid I didn’t really understand how big a dinosaur was. Had I seen a full-sized drawing and been able to interact with it (walk around it, lay next to it, etc) I know I would have gotten the size concept so much better. As a homeschool mom I love the idea of making life-sized or scale drawings for the kids to supplement their learning. Especially because they’re at the age where a visual aid will work so much more effectively than just words on a page. Plus, they love sidewalk chalk so this is going to be a great way to get them more engaged with the material.

I do have to point out, the ages given in the dinosaur lesson plan (that’s the only place I noticed it) do go by the geologic timescale of millions of years. I know not everyone agrees with that, but the life-size drawings can be used without the ages.

Overall, Actual Size Science is a great tool to help make what children are learning in science more real for them. Obviously it’s geared more toward traditional school teachers as not all homeschoolers have access to a large paved/cemented area. That aside, it’s a tool that all children could benefit from.

Disclaimer: I received a PDF copy of Actual Size Science for free from in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. No other compensation was received for this review.


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