Finding God in The Hobbit – Jim Ware

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About the Book (from the publisher, with a link to a preview)

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Summary: Though Tolkien himself was not a fan of allegory and did not specifically write The Hobbit (or any of his other books) as such, his worldview is still evident in his writing. In Finding God in The Hobbit, author Jim Ware takes readers on a journey through The Hobbit and helps them see just what there is to learn about God within the pages of the book. As the back cover of the book says, “Just as the very ordinary Bilbo Baggins was caught up in a web of momentous events beyond his understanding, so you also are part of a larger story.” Readers are shown new ways to see the events that take place in the story of Bilbo Baggins and will come away from Jim Ware’s book with a new perspective of Middle Earth.

Review: I personally love The Hobbit so I was excited to read Finding God in The Hobbit by Jim Ware. I’d skimmed through his other books and thought that he made good points but I was especially interested to see what he had to say about The Hobbit. It’s true that Tolkien did not write with allegory in mind, but his worldview did influence his writing and it is easy to see that in his books. Jim Ware does a spectacular job of picking apart pieces of The Hobbit to show important aspects about the Christian life (which makes sense since Tolkien was a devout Roman Catholic). I have always drawn my own conclusions from both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in regards to the Christian life and it was nice to see a different set of conclusions, all that make sense.

I think the one I never picked up on was the importance of things we usually take for granted. I won’t tell you what object it is that Jim Ware is talking about within the world of The Hobbit but I will say that it makes entirely too much sense. Of all the lessons to learn from a pleasure read, who would ever guess that one would be not to take seemingly unimportant things (like ourselves) for granted. There’s more to us than meets the eye, like hobbits.

All-in-all, a very good read. If you like making connections to real life stuff when you read Tolkien’s books, make sure you pick up a copy of Finding God in The Hobbit, you’ll end up with a few more things to think about.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Tyndale in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own and no other compensation was received.


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