Beginner’s Bible App for iPad

This review is going to be a little different because it’s for an iPad app. With three small kids who love apps I thought, hey, this is a good app to try out. Bible stories, games based on Bible stories, etc. We downloaded it today and I have to say, the kids LOVE it! They sat and did puzzles and colored pictures and read through a couple of stories for at least two hours. (And I figured, why not? I’m opposed to them being excited about the Bible!) The app itself is free and comes with 6 stories from Genesis: “The Beginning”, “Adam and Eve”, “The Sneaky Snake”, “Noah’s Ark” (my kid’s favorite), “The Tall Tower”, and “A New Home”. There are also 6 activities, one for each story. Three coloring pages, two puzzles, and a game. Right now there is one additional story pack available for purchase for $1.99 that has 6 more stories and activities. Personally, I think this The Beginner’s Bible app is a great app for kids! I would love it if the extra content was free also but $1.99 isn’t bad.

Disclaimer: Handlebar offered a copy of The Beginner’s Bible in exchange for an honest review.


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