Days with Jesus: Part 1 – Jim Jackson

About the Author

Sample the book and watch a video here.

Summary: Days with Jesus is a “docuvotional” covering the book of John in the New Testament. Part 1 of the study goes from the beginning of John to chapter 10 verse 21. There are 31 daily Bible readings with 31 daily discussions written by Jim Jackson. Also included for each day are a set of questions designed to get you thinking and involved with what was just read. Written in such a way that anyone can understand it, Days with Jesus is an interactive devotional that helps readers get a better understanding of the Jesus that John knew. As an added bonus, there are on location videos that accompany several readings to give readers a more real reading experience.

Review: I was checking my email one day and I had an email from Jim Jackson. I sat there for a minute thinking about whether I knew anyone by that name and after deciding I didn’t, I proceeded to open the email. Usually that’s not a good idea but in this case it was a very good idea! Thank you Jim for giving me the opportunity to read and review your book! After reading the email I proceeded to excitedly tell my husband that an author had asked me to review his book, and he thought it was pretty neat but wasn’t nearly as excited as I was. Anyway, getting to the review.

The thought of a “docuvotional” (documentary + devotional) is an interesting idea. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense. Jim Jackson does a great job of explaining what it is you’re reading and he also wants to get you thinking about what you’re reading. I really love that it’s easy to read and understand. I know a lot of people who don’t read their Bible because they just don’t get it; but I really think if they had a book like this to explain what’s going on and why it’s important, they would be more apt to open their Bibles for more than just church. And I love that there are videos to bring it to life. So often while I’m reading I wonder what things looked like or whatever and having the on location videos helps make it real. Don’t get me wrong, I know that it’s all real, but since I can’t actually go to Israel, the videos are the next best thing.

I look forward to reading Part 2, after I go back and re-read Part 1! Quite honestly, I have a few people in mind that I would love to share this book with. My husband will be reading it at some point in time and I’m sure he’ll think of a few people to pass word on to. If you’re looking for a good place to start devotions and you want a book that explains everything and is easy to understand, Days with Jesus is your book.

Disclaimer: I was given a PDF copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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