The Lordship of Christ – John MacArthur

The Lordship of Christ is one book in The Truth About series. Written by well-known author John MacArthur, The Lordship of Christ details the reasons why God deserves our all and what it means to live fully for Christ. A fairly short read with just six chapters that cover important topics to our lives such as “Daily Submission”, “Holy Living”, and “Confession and Restoration”. MacArthur solidly backs up his case with Scripture and makes it clear that living a life for Christ is not easy but ultimately worth it.

Being 100% honest, I picked the book because I like John MacArthur. Not because of what it was about but because of who wrote it. Which is kind of bad but not all at the same time. I know MacArthur is usually pretty spot on with his writing so I wasn’t surprised when I agreed with just about everything he had to say in The Lordship of Christ. I did have a hard time with the title because the contents didn’t really seem to connect, at least initially. After reading the whole book I understand the title better, not that it’s a complicated title or anything I just didn’t understand clearly. Now I do! I really like that he backs up pretty much everything with Scripture. Yes he has his own opinions but he seems to base them all on what he’s read and explains why.

I really think The Truth About series as a whole would make for a good group study. The books are short and there’s a lot of good conversation that could be had.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher through the BookSneeze program.


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