Beyond Bath Time – Erin Davis

Beyond Bath Time is a book for moms. New moms, veteran moms, moms-to-be… Erin Davis lets moms in on why being a mom is probably the most important job they’ll ever have. Motherhood isn’t supposed to be a roadblock to women’s success. It is supposed to _be_ women’s success, and Beyond Bath Time explains why. Motherhood was designed by God to raise up the next generation. And really, what could be greater than to leave a legacy through your children?

When I started this book I honestly didn’t know what to expect. As a mom it just sounded like an interesting read. Well, it was, but in a good way! I really liked how Erin Davis brought up that God sent Jesus to be born to a mom when He didn’t have to be. It gave me something serious to think about. I mean really. If God didn’t think being a mom was important, He wouldn’t have bothered, right? So being a mom is something I need to take seriously. Not that I didn’t, I just didn’t really entirely understand why it was _so_ important. I would highly suggest all moms read this book. It is so vitally important that we know why what we do is such a big deal.

Disclaimer: I was given an advanced reading digital copy of the book from the publisher (Moody Publishers) via NetGalley.


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