Sapphire Ice – Hallee Bridgeman


About the Author

Robin is a 20-something workaholic. Tony is a man of business. When their worlds collide the sparks start to fly, in more ways than one. Robin’s sisters try to convince her that she needs to concentrate on her own happiness for once, but is a man really the answer? And what is it about Tony that makes him so different from the other the men in her past?

When I say the words “romance novel” what comes to mind? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Well, forget about that because Sapphire Ice is a wholesome romance novel. No, there’s none of that in it but there’s plenty of romance. Quite honestly I’m not a romance novel type of gal, I’m not; but I couldn’t put Sapphire Ice down! Good character development, good story line, good wholesome romance. This is the kind of romance novel I look for if I want to read one, it’s an “intellectual” type  as opposed to a “lusty” type. I would even let my teenager daughter read it, if I had one, because it really shows how a man should treat a woman. No, no one’s perfect, but it would give her a better example than any other “romance” novel I’ve ever read! I am very excited to read the second book in the set, which is saying something coming from someone who doesn’t usually like this genre of book!

Disclaimer: I was given an e-book version of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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