1000 Days: The Ministry of Christ – Jonathan Falwell

“Jesus never told us to do what He said; He told us to do what He did.” (Falwell 63).

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Summary: 1,000 Days covers, what else, the 1,000 days Christ spent in serious ministry on earth. After all, those 1,000 days must have been pretty important because He could have just cut out the middle-man and gone straight to the cross. So what was so important that Jesus spent the time in ministry? Jonathan Falwell pretty much sums it up in the quote at the top of the post. It was all about showing us how to live. How else would we know how to live for God if no one had shown us?

Review: Honestly, I’m still working through the book because I don’t want to miss anything and I’m one of those people who can’t just read to review and then go over it again. If I’m going to read it I better do it right! Thus far I really like the book, I’ve been reading through the Gospels at the same time so I’m getting “preaching” in addition to the Bible reading which is great. I really like how at the end of each chapter there are discussion questions. I have been answering them in a journal as opposed to discussing them with anyone but that’s ok! At the end of the book there’s a Bible Study Guide for study groups, which is great. It really helps you dig in. There is also a list of the 100 main events in Jesus’ life with the references listed, which is pretty nice to have when you’re going through the study. All in all I think it’s a well written book. I haven’t come across anything I don’t agree with yet and, as per my picky-ness, Falwell capitalizes pronouns used in place of Jesus’ name. That right there is a big “YAY” in my opinion because I’ve read a lot of good books but the people who wrote them didn’t use proper capitalization and that, to me, shows a lack of proper respect. But, like I said, Falwell capitalizes in all the right places and is spot on with what is written in Scripture.

Disclaimer: I was given this book for free through the BookSneeze review program in exchange for an honest review.


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