The American Patriot’s Bible

Edited by Dr. Richard G. Lee

Available in the following versions: KJV, NKJV

About the Bible

The American Patriot’s Bible is a great resource for Bible scholars and history buffs. In the pages of The American Patriot’s Bible you’ll find information on historical figures who based their lives around what they found in the Bible. There are several full-color sections that include quotes and information bits on the founding of the nation as it relates to the Bible. Not only are there informational bits on people in history, there are pages in the front for recording your own family history (marriages, military service, births, etc). The American Patriot’s Bible also has the Bible land maps that are typically seen in most other Bibles. An all-around great value.

As I was sitting down to write my pro-con list, I realized that there were more things going for this particular Bible than there were going against it. At first I had written down that it didn’t include a list of Presidents like it did the list of states, but I was mistaken (it’s in the back, not the front!). I really like that it’s still got the Bible maps and I also like that it’s available in KJV, which I believe is what the founding fathers had access to. The American Patriot’s Bible doesn’t have the cross-references you usually see but that’s ok. Having read and reviewed The Coming Revolution by the editor of The American Patriot’s Bible, I think that the two go well together, even if they aren’t intended to.

My husband has taken The American Patriot’s Bible to show a few people he knows and they all say the same thing “That is a really cool Bible!”. I tend to agree, and I would suggest that if you’re looking for information on what the founding fathers believed, pick up The American Patriot’s Bible and turn through the pages.

Disclaimer: I received The American Patriot’s Bible for free from Thomas Nelson Publishers through the BookSneeze blogger review program. In exchange I have written an honest review.


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