The Coming Revolution – Dr. Richard G. Lee

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In The Coming Revolution Dr. Richard G. Lee talks about our nation’s current state and how we as citizens can get our country back on track. Going back to the nation’s roots he informs readers about what this nation was founded on and why it was founded at all. Chapters cover history all the way back to England and up to current events. The book ends with a section on “What You Can Do” and explains how we can work to change our current state. Dr. Richard G. Lee does a fine job of clarifying the real reason(s) people came and founded a new country and he supports his opinion well.

Quite honestly when I picked this book to review I did so because it looked like something my husband would like to read and I wanted to get it so he could read it after I was finished. Once I started reading it though, I actually started to enjoy it because Dr. Lee explains things very well and shows that the country was indeed founded on Christian principles. And I didn’t just like it because it backed up what I believe as far as that goes, but he has numerous sources to back up his information so that really made a big difference for me. He wasn’t just saying “This is what I think, deal with it”, he was saying “This is what I think, and here’s why”. Going to school at a private Christian school, I already knew a lot of the history he covered because of the textbooks we used but I did learn a few interesting tidbits. I would encourage everyone to read it, especially those who want to see change but are unsure of how to bring it about.

Disclaimer: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson through their BookSneeze review program in exchange for an honest review.


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