Every Woman’s Battle – Shannon Ethridge

  Every Woman’s Battle helps women understand that their sexual needs are way more than just physical. Shannon Ethridge speaks from experience when she tells women how important it is to protect not only their physical selves but also their emotional, spiritual, and mental selves to experience true sexual integrity. Using a stoplight approach, the author clearly labels and defines boundaries for women, both married and single, in both platonic and romantic relationships. She also stresses the importance of having an intimate relationship with the Lover of Our Soul, God, and how having a good foundation there will help maintain sexual integrity.

 Shannon Ethridge

I was really looking forward to reading this book. I’d seen Every Man’s Battle and thought it’d be great to read a book like that only for women; I was right, it was great! Having been “young and stupid” once, I could relate with a lot of what she was talking about as far as boundaries with people of the opposite sex. Now that I’m married I can totally see how important it is to maintain not just one aspect of yourself when it comes to keeping your sexual integrity. In the book she talks about how it’s not just a thought, whether you’re comparing your spouse/future-husband to another man or yourself to another woman or “I wonder who’ll look at me today”, it’s creating an open door. As women we’re emotional creatures and just entertaining thoughts like that can be very very dangerous. The way I see it, men are visual so it’s dangerous for them to look, women are emotional and relational so it’s dangerous for us to not keep tabs on where our emotions are going.

The book also has the “workbook” added on to the end so there’s no need to buy the book AND the workbook like it is for a lot of studies. Saves money and room on your bookshelf, in addition to being a really good resource! Honestly, I’d love to do a small group study using this book. Online, in person, whatever. It’s an important aspect of our lives that we need to talk about!

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Disclaimer: I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review.


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