Where Are You Investing?

The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn is a fresh way to look at the concept of giving. We’re not just talking tithes here people, we’re talking tithes and beyond! I know it’s easy to think “I can’t afford to give” but from experience, you can’t afford NOT to give. We’re a family of 5, living on one (part-time) income, and tithing and let me tell you, Randy Alcorn isn’t lying when he tells you that the more you give, the more God provides for you. We live in a society of instant gratification where if we see something we want and we have the money (or a credit card), we buy it. But giving to God doesn’t work that way, we’re giving money and getting the gratification when we get to Heaven. I loved the analogy given on pages 13 – 15 about the Northerner living in the South and accumulating Confederate currency during the Civil War because it’s so true. We’re Northerners living in the South and what we have in the South isn’t going to do us a lick of good when we go home, unless we exchange what we have and send it on ahead. Mr. Alcorn makes a lot of sense, if you think about money from a forever perspective. It’s really not our money, it’s God’s, are we investing it in such a way that brings glory to Him?

There are 6 “Treasure Principle Keys” listed in the book, both throughout the chapters and in the back of the book, that are helpful money managing reminders. Also included in the back of the book is a prayer guide to help you pray your way through figuring out how best to invest with/for God.

This is a short read (6 chapters) but it’s powerful. If you’ve ever considered the concept of tithing, or giving for God, I highly recommend this book. It isn’t a “health and wealth” book, it’s a realistic perspective on Biblical giving.

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