A Modern “Pilgrim’s Progress”

My husband came home with the book The Chasm by Randy Alcorn and I was excited to read it. Of course he had to read it first so I asked him when he was done “It’s kind of like Pilgrim’s Progress isn’t it?” to which he replied, “Yeah, only better.”

Having not actually read Pilgrim’s Progress I really had no comparison point other than, Pilgrim’s Progress was written in a different time for a different audience and The Chasm was written in this time for a modern audience. I have to say, I enjoyed reading this allegory by Randy Alcorn. Not only is it a well written piece of work, it has illustrations that capture the vivid imagery given in the writing.

There were times I was almost moved to tears (if not for the three children keeping me grounded in the everyday here and now) because the message was just so powerful that it made me grieve along with Nick Seagrave. I love that there are questions for each chapter included at the end of the book because it really helps you dig into the message.

For anyone who hasn’t read Pilgrim’s Progress, or for anyone who has and would like a newer perspective, I’d encourage you to read The Chasm.


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