The Shelter of God’s Promises – Sheila Walsh

Disclaimer: I was blessed to have received this book from Thomas Nelson, Inc. in exchange for an honest review.

Sheila Walsh presents 10 foundational promises of God in her book “The Shelter of God’s Promises”.  While the book is a “short” 10 chapters, it is an incredibly deep read.  Pulling from Scripture and personal experience, the author gives us not only the promises God has made to His children, but also evidence to show us that He follows through and delivers instead of just making empty promises.

If you just look at the cover you might think, “Oh, it’s a women’s book” but don’t let the cover deceive you. This is a book for everyone. Pass it on when you’re done reading it and bless someone else!

This book includes an in-depth Bible study at the end that is a wonderful complement to the readings. If you can put it down after you start reading it, it would make an excellent devotional course (1 chapter per day with the study questions) or a good small group topic (1 chapter per week). I will definitely be reading this book again and doing the Bible study. Once I picked it up, it was too good to put down so despite my wanting to do it 1 chapter a day, I ended up finishing the book in 2 days.


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