Sabbath – Time

Society talks about “lost” values of people today.  Funny how those “lost” values are things that take time to grow and cultivate.  Things like being honest, having a family that likes to be together, or even a good marriage, those things don’t just happen.  But we’re so busy with our work that we don’t think we have time to stop and work on these things.  On the whole, society says anything that gets us money is of value but anything that gets us a good set of morals or what have you, is worthless.  The more we have that can be monetarily counted, the more worth we have.  But even with all the material possessions in the world, if we don’t have good morals or strong relationships, we really don’t have anything at all.

There’s nothing wrong with having money, but when we spend more time trying to get money and less time on the truly important things in life, that’s where things go wrong.  And if we’re not trying to make money, we’re out spending it instead of saving it and spending meaningful time with people, or God.

When people have free time and use to spend time with family or help the needy or what have you, those “traditional institutions” that society often mourns the loss of, become stronger.

According to the G.D.P., anything that causes suffering or destruction is generally a good thing.  Not because people are hurting, but because it means people are putting money into the economy which means people are making money, which means the G.D.P. is going up.  Basically, anything that makes the G.D.P. go up = good and worth doing.  So people who are stay at home parents or who volunteer their time to help others, are without worth.

When we invest the time to be still and count what we already have and not our money, we find greater satisfaction and deeper meaning.


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