“Sabbath” Section on Rest

This post is made up of all my thoughts/notes on all the chapters in the section entitled “Rest”.

The act of doing anything means we are expending energy and in order to regain that energy, guess what, we need to rest.  We are not bullet-proof, we do not have endless amounts of energy (even toddlers don’t have that, thank goodness!).  If we don’t take the time to rest, eventually our bodies wear down and we get sick.  When we get sick, we are forced to rest and I know I hate being sick, so the best way to avoid that (besides taking vitamins and all that) is to make time to just do “nothing”.

If Jesus could recognize that what He did took energy, we should be able to, at the very least, acknowledge that as well.  Jesus never waited until He was done helping people before going to rest.  If He had done so, rest would never have happened because no one is ever truly “done”.  When He felt the need, He went off to pray or spend time alone. We too should go off and pray, alone if need be, because prayer allows us to rest in God.  If we didn’t need to rest, God wouldn’t have commanded us to remember the Sabbath.  God also wouldn’t have made the concept of rest in the first place, or done it Himself.  There is nothing wrong with rest.

Something I need to learn how to do better is to just say “no” when needed.  I’m a person who likes to make people happy so I don’t like saying “no”, even at my own expense.  But it’s important to say “no” sometimes so that we have time to rest.  God can’t work on us if we aren’t willing to stop and let that happen.  If we are afraid of what we will find in rest, of course we don’t do it; but we don’t need to be afraid of what we’ll find because God is there and He wants to start things growing in us that will bless us.

We might feel empty, but that’s where God plants things if we just sit still and let Him do His job.


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