“Sabbath” – Rhythm

Life events happen in cycles.  Just because it’s going bad right now doesn’t mean it will stay that way, and vice versa.  There is no way on this earth to have good without the bad or bad without the good.  It just doesn’t work that way.  However, perspective is very important.  This is why taking time to step back and have a Sabbath time is vital.  It allows us to see that it’s not all bad.  Everything requires a period of rest in which, the good will grow.

Everyone has an inner rhythm.  Biologically it’s called a circadian rhythm.  I don’t know that the spiritual or psychological rhythms have such names but they too exist.  People vent for those reasons.  No one can keep going w/o eventually needing to have a “break down”; but these “break downs” are less frequent when we take time to stop and reset.

Society is always moving forward in hopes of making progress, but every time we think we’ve made it, there’s always something better.  We can’t ever be at the “pinnacle of human existence” because  there is no earthly “best”.  If we live our lives striving for perfection, we will always be disappointed because it’s never going to happen.  There is always going to be that one thing that we can improve, or that one thing that we must have, and until we get it, we can’t rest.  When we take a Sabbath moment, we are better able to see that we don’t need to keep working till we reach the end before we rest because, in reality, we aren’t going to reach the “end”.  And besides that, if we keep going and going and going like the Energizer Bunny and don’t take time to rest, we aren’t going to get very far anyway because we don’t have that endless energy.  Even the bunny has to run out of energy sometime, he runs on batteries after all…

Sabbath doesn’t depend on whether or not we’re ready to stop, it depends on whether or not we’re willing to surrender the time to do it.  If we wait till our work is done and we’re ready, it’s never going to happen.  Plus, our work isn’t really that important.  Yes, if we work outside the home it is what brings in the money so we can survive but in the grand scheme of things 1) if we didn’t do the job, the world would keep turning and 2) if we’re Christians, we wouldn’t have the job to begin with if God didn’t give it to us. It might not be the best job in the world but w/o God we wouldn’t have it at all.  As such, we need to take the time to stop and realize that God has much more in store for us, and if we don’t stop from our busy lives, we will never see that.

Don’t worry about resting perfectly, there is no perfect way to do it.  The only way to rest “perfectly” is to rest, period, end of story.  It needs to be a repetitive process.  Don’t just do it once a year, do it once a month or once a week (ideally).  If it’s done sporadically it’s kind of like not being consistent with disciplining your children.  If it doesn’t happen consistently, they don’t learn anything from it other than the fact that mom and/or dad doesn’t do it the same every time.  When you do something consistently, it becomes habitual and habit, in this case, is and can be a good thing.


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