“Sabbath” Introduction

All life requires rest. It’s why babies and young children take naps, it’s why flowers bloom in season, it’s why moms like to use the phrase “Calgon, take me away”.  It’s one of those inevitable facts of life. Without rest, how can we renew ourselves?  Society doesn’t like to think rest is important though because it sees rest as “nothing” and “nothing” isn’t “something”.  I see this in life around this house when my husband is sick or just tired and he doesn’t do anything.  He’s always telling me that he feels worthless and he needs to be doing “something” and I keep telling him, “you don’t need to do anything. You work and go to school, that’s not nothing. You spend time with me and the kids, that’s not nothing. No, the house isn’t spotless but that’s ok.”  But that’s how society is, supposedly, nothing good comes from just being still so it’s “bad” and “wrong”.

If we don’t rest, it has an affect on other areas of our lives.  How we deal with family members and/or people at work, how we act when we drive, if we’re students it also affects how we do on our homework.  There are any number of reasons why we need to rest.

I think the biggest thing we need to remember is that God told us to remember to rest.  If God can rest after making the world and everything in it, and He has infinitely more on His plate than we do, I think we can find the time to just “Let go and let God.”  If other religions place such importance on the idea of “Sabbath time”, why don’t we?


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